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At certain moments in our lives, we can feel overwhelmed, anxious or stuck in patterns that do not suit us. These feelings, related to our past or triggered by certain specific events, can also be experienced as a loss of connection with ourselves and the people around us.


With the help of a trained professional, Gestalt psychotherapy can enable you to understand your situation more clearly and mobilise your resources to face challenges. It also enables us to become aware of our potential to live more peacefully with ourselves and make choices that feel truly right for us.


In my practice, I work in French and English with people from all backgrounds, whatever their origin, religion, sexual orientation or identity.

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About me

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I am a Gestalt Psychotherapist, member of the Swiss association of Gestalt therapists (apsG) and certified by the UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy).


After a career in European and international public policy in Brussels and London, I reoriented my career towards the field of psychotherapy. By choosing a career in psychotherapy, and more particularly in Gestalt therapy, I have chosen a profession aligned with who I am, with my attention to others and to relationships playing a central role.

I have been practicing for more than 12 years in medical settings, for charities and in private practice. I am accustomed to meeting patients and clients from all backgrounds, for brief or longer-term therapies, according to their needs.

Individual psychotherapy

Trained in Gestalt psychotherapy, I work alongside my patients on balancing thoughts and emotions, and on their ability to understand themselves and become aware of their untapped potential and resources.

I work with people who seek support in a range of areas including the following issues:

personal and professional development, relationships, questions around their identity / the future, stress, separation, depression, anxiety, trauma and sexuality.


I offer therapy sessions for a reasonable fee at my practice located on 39 rue de Lausanne, close to Geneva Cornavin Station. I also see clients in another practice in Veyrier and I offer online therapy sessions (mainly using Zoom or by phone).

I abide to the code of ethics and conduct of the apsGMetanoia and the UK Council for Psychotherapy.

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If you have any questions about my practice or if you would like to arrange an initial consultation, you can 

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